Weight Loss Management Programmes

"Puppy-Fat Club"

Affectionately known as 'Puppy-fat Club', I have started to offer this service to provide help and support to owners who need their portly pooches to lose weight.

We all know that canine obesity is becoming a huge problem in our pets and our vets are trying their best to encourage us to exercise our dogs more. Sometimes though this is not as easy as it sounds, and where do you start?

I noticed when client's dogs who were carrying some extra pounds stayed with me for a week or so they started to lose the weight quickly and easily (but safely!).

I loved seeing the change in their behaviour and character and hearing the lovely comments off the owners has encouraged me to offer this service. 

I can provide a weight loss consultation which will last up to 2 hours and I can give you hints and tips on what your dog should be eating, how much exercise and what type of exercise you should be providing.

In addition to this I can provide a residential stay of either 2 or 4 weeks and you will be regularly updated with how they are doing and have a weekly weight report.

Take a look at our             page for more details!

Remember, a healthy, happy dog lives longer!